Welcome to Stunt Action Consultants.  We excel in helping you achieve dynamic and exciting action sequences for your production, no matter what the size of your budget.

We have over 25 years experience in the stunt industry and can make your life easier by providing a comprehensive range of services which includes stunt coordinating and performance, stunt engineering, rigging and wire work, fight and weapon choreography, fire burns, and vehicle stunts, as well as advising you on Stunt Safety Management.


‘…Just wanted to say thanks to you and your whole team for guiding us through the driving and stunt work on Friday night without incident. We really appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to the safety of our crew and cast. More than that the positivity you bring to set is infectious and it’s lovely to have you with us mate!

Tess Meyer, Producer, Flying Bark Productions

‘…Ray has helped out on several shoots where complex stunt and safety requirements are coupled with equally complex creative ideas.   Ray has given us the solutions we were looking for to achieve the highest crafted result in the safest environment possible.  

Natalie Loveridge, Producer, Red Door Productions

‘… We were extremely impressed by the professional and creative service that Ray and the team at Stunt Action Consultants provided in stunts and safety on our Nulon shoot. Ray was readily available with a variety of suggestions on ways to achieve the shots we were after in a safe and practical way.”

Henry Richardson, Producer, Where There’s Smoke

‘… Ray is lovely to work with. I really admire the creativity, experience, and professionalism he brings to the team.’

Serena Hunt, Producer, 1st AD

‘… We’ve been working with Ray and his team at Stunt Action Consultants for years and always find him helpful, professional, and always willing to do that little bit extra which makes a good job better.’

David Trethewey, SFX Supervisor, DTFX

‘…At KISS 1065 Ray Anthony is our go to guy for anything stunt related. He is professional in every aspect of his work and has been great to work with on every occasion. We trust that any stunt we put to Stunt Action Consultants will be coordinated flawlessly. I can’t speak highly enough of Ray and his team and look forward to working with them in the future.

Natalie Bradbant, Producer/Event Producer KISS FM 1065

‘…Ray is an absolute pleasure to work with! He’s always going above and beyond, and is very understanding of tight production turn arounds.”

Olivia Hantken, Producer, Collider Productions

‘… Ray and his team operated at the highest level of professionalism on set. I was impressed by his safe-work practices and dedication to the project. When I need a stunt co-ordinator, he is my first call.’

Christine Luby, Producer, 1st AD

‘… I always feel safe when Ray is around co-ordinating, he allows me to concentrate on actually producing the job; rather than looking after crew and cast who can have a lemming tendency at times.’

Jill Munt, Producer, Red Engine Creative, Network Seven.

Let’s work together

Our goal is to match the right stunt or safety talent to your production.  If you know what you want, we can supply it.  If you need some advice, we are only a phone call or email away.